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lalmanimisra_dvdcoverLal Mani Misra

"Celestial Music of Pandit Lal Mani Misra"

The only existing movie of late Pandit Lal Mani Misra, on vichitra veena, accompanied on tabla by Chhote Lal Misra. This movie was probably shot in USA in mid seventies. 

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Laxmi Ganesh Tewari, professor of Ethnomusicology, who had been a student of Pt Lal Mani Misra. this DVD has been published  by the Music Department of Sonoma State University and is only available through S.S.U. (Music Department - 1810E. Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park, CA 94928). 

To order it, best is to contact Dr. L. G. Tewari. Do get it, it's a treasure !

All proceeds from the sale will go towards a music scholarship fund in the name of Dr. Lalmani Misra.


Sindhura (alap, vilambit & drut teental) 31'28

Tilang   10'23

Bhupali 15'31


sargamMa saga d'Annie

Papa : "Gaga, Dani ?"

Gad : "Ah ! Pas Dani, gaga d'Annie !"
Sa Dame, Annie, garait sa Nissan, y paraît. Raide, Annie passa. Pas d'arrêt.
Papa, pas réparé d'Annie, s'agaça, dard égaré.
Papa : "Pas d'appâts, Madame Annie ... "
Dani s'anima : "Nie pas, Papa ! ".
Papa part, hennit "Padam, ah ! Padam, ah !"
Sa manie : réparer. Dada d'Annie : Paganini. Papa, Sam, a pas ça ; pas sa gamme, à Papa … Gad a ni ça, ni ça !
Papa garé, réparé d'Annie ? Papa n'y paraît pas : "Ni s'amarrer, ni s'égarer !"
Gad à Dani : "Pas d'Annie ?!?"
Papa : "ça passe, ça, … Gare, Emma !"




Extraits video d'un documentaire (09:27) pour Antenne2 de Georges Luneau datant, je crois, de 1979, où je suis interviewé et où on me voit en train de faire des gammes à Bénarès.

Video excerpts of a french TV documentary (09:27), produced by Georges Luneau, and shot, I think, in 1979, where I am interviewed and where you can see me playing scales in Varanasi. Sorry, the interview is in french.

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Download 15 Hindustani instrumentalists folder icons for your Apple Mac.  They have been zipped into one light file (3,7MB).



Download 3 Hindustani dancers folder icons for your Apple Mac.  They have been zipped into one light file (1,4MB).



Download 3 Hindustani dancers folder icons for your Apple Mac.  They have been zipped into one light file (741KB).



ravishankarA truly superb Lalit by Ravi Shankar, in which panditji plays alap and jod. This is an LP record, dated 1967, (EMI - ODEON - ASD-2341).

In this recording, Shankarji's jod is so perfect that it could well serve as a model, so orthodox it is.

DownloadNamePlaySize Length
downloadLalit (Alap)

11.2 MB12:16 min
downloadLalit (Jod)

9.4 MB10:17 min



An article about the visit of Shahid Parvez in Pakistan, in 2006,  by Hassan Azad.

You may listen to an audio recording of rag Bageshree which the Ustad performed at that time.

(Archive presented by Hassan Azad).

Shahid Parvez in Pakistan pdf_icn

shahidShahid Parvez, accompanied on tabla by Rafiuddin Sabri, performing rag Bageshree in Lahore, august 2006.

This recording illustrates the paper of Mr. Hassan Hazad "Shahid Parvez in Pakistan"

DownloadNamePlaySize Length
(Shahid Parvez & Rafiuddin Sabri)

54.7 MB59:41 min



Pandit Bhimsen Joshi est décédé hier, lundi 24 janvier 2011, à l'âge de 89 ans, dans un hôpital de Pune, en Inde. Né le 4 février 1922, élève de Sawai Gandharva, il était le principal représentant de la Kirana Gharana et pour moi, le plus grand chanteur vivant de l'Inde d'aujourd'hui. Son décès est une très grande perte pour la Musique.

Vous pouvez écouter des enregistrements audio ainsi que des vidéos de Panditji sur le site.

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi passed away yesterday, on january 24, 2011, at the age of 89, in a Pune hospital, India. Born on february 4, 1922, he had been the pupil of late Sawai Gandharva, and Bhimsenji was the main exponent of Kirana Gharana. For me, he was the best living singer of Hindustani Rag Sangeet. His demise is a really huge loss for Music.

You may listen mp3 audio recordings and watch videos of Panditji on the site.