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Shahid Parvez

Anew double DVD of Shahid Parvez "A journey with Saraswati" just came out in Italy. It is published by DhereDhereVideo. Don't waste a second ! eMail them right away to get it ! Total time is approximately 180 minutes and its costs is only 30€, postal charges extra.

This DVD is the most well-made DVD I have ever seen on Indian Music until now. Franco Rivoira is a true amateur of Rag Sangeet, a sincere student of Sankha Chaterjee and a true gentleman - in the literary sense of the term. That is probably why we don't have here a mere "product" thrown in the market but a DVD filmed and conceived with all love, care and attention possible.

Shahid Parvez plays Puriya Kalyan Alap, Jod, Jhala, Vilambit & Drut Teental. He also unfolds  Shahana, Alap, Jhaptal, Drut Ektal, then a Misra Piloo with an Alap, Deepchandi and 2 Drut Teental compositions - of which the first one seems to me to be a Zila Kafi Gat.
Last but not least, there is also a pretty lenghty interview of Shahid Parvez in which a number of topics are discussed as well as an interview of Sankha Chaterjee.

With the permission of Franco Rivoira, I have put an excerpts of Shahid's Puriya Kalyan in which he demonstrates his mastery over tan-s. Good download !