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There are not so many videos available on Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet and they are not so easy to find.

First come the VHS tapes, the oldest support. Nowadays we have DVD and VCD - a lesser known format which I call "DVD of the poor". VCD means Video Compact Disc. It is more compressed than DVD - therefore giving a lesser quality than the former. It uses the same support as an audio CD or CD Rom (650MB or 700MB) instead of the 4,7GB of the single side/single layer current DVD, and is readable by Macs, PC and by most of today's DVD players.

Since 1987, I regularly purchased through the web, computer hardware, software, and plenty of miscellaneous items and never got cheated. These companies do deliver the goods. Therefore, you could order them on the web - by making a secured payment with your Visa card - and should be safe.

Most of Alurkar Music House videos (in NTSC or PAL) format may be purchased at Khazana's. Ali Akbar Khan's ones at his school address.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of videos you could get for the pleasure of your ears and eyes... even if VHS are very often of bad image quality - probably due to unadequate duplicating material and abusive use of long cross-dissolve transitions... an angel flies by !



VHS Ali Akbar Khan & Swapan ChowdhuryVHS - AMMP Alam Madina Music Productions & Scott Hall Productions - 1988
Ali Akbar Khan College of Music (exists also in DVD)
The summer solstice - 5 classical ragas
Maestro Ali Akbar Khan (sarod) & Swapan Chowdhury (tabla)

Nat Bhairav
Suha Sughrai
Misra Mand
Vindravani Sarang
Zila Kafi


VHS Ali Akbar Khan & Sawapan ChowdhuryVHS - Sound Photosynthesis Productions - 1988
Concert at Julia Morgan Theater Berkeley California

Maestro Ali Akbar Khan (sarod)
& Swapan Chowdhury (tabla)
Vasant Mukhari
Bhairavi Bhatiyar


VHS Ali Akbar KhanVHS - Sound Photosynthesis Productions - 1987
Concert at St. John's - Part 1 - Berkeley, California

Ali Akbar Khan (sarod)
& Zakir Hussain (tabla)
Roop Manjari Malhar
Pahadi Jhinjhoti


VHS Alla RakhaVHS - Digitala - Learning tabla with Alla Rakha
Alla Rakha
Instructional videotape
& a manual of drumming
and recitation


VHS Amjad Ali Khan / Firoz DastoorVHS - Alurkar Music House - Live from Savai Gandharva Festival - Pune, 1990-91

Amjad Ali Khan (sarod)
Suhag Bhairav (38:45)
Ahir Bhairav (48:34)

Firoz Dastoor (vocal)
Lalit (42:41)
Thumree (11:20)
Bhajan (09:00)


VHS Amjad Ali Khan / Jitendra AbhishekiVHS - Alurkar Music House - Live from Savai Gandharva Festival - Pune, 1991

Amjad Ali Khan (sarod)
Jhinjhoti (44:22)
Gawati (20:23)
Dhun (11:21)

Jitendra Abhisheki (vocal)
Shivmat Bhairav (54:30)
Bhajan (14:00)


VHS Bhimsen Joshi / Gangubai HangalVHS - Alurkar Music House - Live from Savai Gandharva Festival - Pune, 1992

Bhimsen Joshi (vocal)
Ramkali (57:01)
Jogiya (thumree) & Bhairavi (thumree) (28:00)

Gangubai Hangal (vocal)
Bhairav (10:10)
Hindol (11:18)


VHS Bhimsen Joshi / Girgia DeviVHS - Alurkar Music House - Live from Savai Gandharva Festival - Pune, 1991

Bhimsen Joshi (vocal)
Asavari Todi (= Komal Asavari) (54:24)
Bhajan (15:40)
Bhajan (16:25)

Girija Devi (vocal)
Ramkali (29:35)
Thumree (10:50)
Zoola (11:00)
Tappa (06:55)


VHS Debashish BhattacharyaVHS - Vestapol 13031 (1995) - Hindustani slide - Indian Classical Guitar

Debashish Bhattacharya (guitar)
& Kumar Bose (tabla)
Charukeshi (64:00)
Gujri Todi (09:50)
Kirwani dhun (05:13)


VHS Hari Prasad ChaurasiaVHS - Alurkar Music House - Live from Savai Gandharva Festival - Pune, 1992

Hari Prasad Chaurasia (flute)
& Zakir Hussain Khan (tabla)
Chandrakauns (92:00)
Dhun (dadra) (16:00)