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Bhimsen JoshiBhimsen Joshi is the son of Gurunath Joshi. After a turbulent adolescence, he became the disciple of Sawai Gandharva.

In my opinion, since the demise of the great masters like Bade Ghulam Ali, Abdul Karim Karim, Faiyaz Khan, Amir Khan Saheb and the like, he is the greatest vocalist of India today. He has an abundant discography. Do get the records !

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(Bhimsen JOSHI)

5.6 MB6:05 min
downloadChaya (Vilambit Jhaptal)
(Bhimsen JOSHI)

12.1 MB13:10 min
(Bhimsen JOSHI)

5.7 MB6:15 min
downloadMiya Ki Todi
(Bhimsen JOSHI)

5.9 MB6:28 min
(Bhimsen JOSHI)

27.9 MB30:28 min
downloadSur Malhar (VE, DT)
(Bhimsen JOSHI)

18 MB19:37 min