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Gauhar JanGauhar Jan learnt from Nazir Khan of Rampur.

After living for some time in Darbhanga, she settled in Calcutta. She was famous for her gramophone recordings of thumrees. In D.M. Neuman's book, she is referred to, by W.W. Gaisberg - first representant of the Gramophone Compagny to reach India) - as an armenian jewess who could sing in 20 languages and dialects. 78rpm archives

DownloadNamePlaySize Length
downloadBhairavi (Rasili Matwaliyon Ne Jadu Dala)

0.6 MB3:16 min

2.4 MB2:40 min

0.4 MB2:22 min
downloadGara thumree

0.6 MB2:27 min
downloadJogiya (Jo Piya Aaye Mose Dukh Soha Jaye Na)

0.4 MB2:36 min
downloadPahadi Jhinjhoti (Manwa Lubhao Chhail Saiyan)

0.6 MB3:28 min
downloadPiloo (Savariyan Man Bayo Re Bhako Yaar)

0.5 MB2:37 min
downloadSindh Kafi (Naino Se Naina Mila)

0.5 MB3:03 min