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S. N. RatanjankarShrikrishna Narayan Ratanjankar has been the foremost disciple of Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande. He was an extremely learned scholar on raga-s and their compositions. He was also an outstanding composer and his bandishes, covering practicaly the whole range of rags (common and rare), are of an astoundingly high standart.

On Panditji's advice, he also learned from Faiyaz Khan. He was the Principal of Bhatkhandeji's Marris College of Music of Lucknow and left us remarkable books of compositions : Abhinav Geet Shiksha (Vols.I-III), Tan Sangraha (Vols.I-III), Abhinav Geet Manjari (Vols I-IIa, IIb), Tal Lakshangeet Sangraha, Hindustani Sangeet ki Svarlipi and Varnmala, all published by Popular Prakashan, Bombay 34.

78rpm archives

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downloadMadhumati (Kedar Bahar)
(SN Ratanjankar)

1.2 MB3:27 min
downloadVasant Mukhari
(SN Ratanjankar)

2.7 MB7:44 min
downloadYamani Bilawal
(SN Ratanjankar)

1.9 MB5:36 min