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Amjad Ali KhanAmjad Ali Khan, "Rag of the Kings", recorded live at the Sarod Festival, New-delhi, december 26th, 1988.

He is accompanied on tabla by Shafaat Ahmad Khan and plays Darbari and Adana. I

ncluded is also an interesting documentary "I sing through my sarod".

This DVD has been published by Navras Records under the reference NRDVD 002 and can be ordered on their site or, among others, on Khazana's site.

I personally regret that the images of Khansaheb's filmed performance has been marred by intermittently showing what looks like a photo album. It is really frustrating not to be able to watch the entire performance ... I just hope they didn't do that for aesthetics (!) but because the original footage was damaged ... A mail to the publishers remained unanswered ...