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Vilayat Khan & Kishan MaharajDVD - Navras NRDVD 012-P (PAL)
When time stood still

Vilayat Khan
Kishan Maharaj
Live at the Royal Festival Hall
London, April 14th, 2002

Rag Darbari
Alap, Vilambit & Drut Teental

Rag Bhairavi
Alap & Madhya Laya Teental
Total duration 85:00

This Navras published DVD is a must for all lovers of the two veterans. In Darbari, Khansaheb plays a very fine Alap - but no Jod and sings in the Drut. He is accompanied by his son, Hidayat while he plays alone in Bhairavi. It's a real delight to hear Maharaji's Banaras tabla style.