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Amir KhanHe was the son of Shamir Khan (musician in the court of Indore) who had learnt from eminent musicians such as Vahid Khan, Rajab Ali Khan and Amanali Khan. Amir Khan got his training from his father and became a leading vocalist of the country who greatly influenced present day music especially because of his is novel presentation of bade khayal  developped like an alap - in a very systematic fashion - and sung in an incredibly slow tempo.He was greatly influenced by Vahid Khan's emphasis on svar and was also influenced by the string instruments (his hather, Shamir Khan, was an expert sarangi player).

He was a famous composer, a poet, and created a number of rags. He died in Calcutta, while returning from a recital, in a taxi accident. His main disciple is Amarnath who sings in the same vein.

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