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Le Menu "Indian Music / Video Archives" est divisé en 4 catégories: Instrumental, Vocal, Danse et Vidéos Commerciales (VHS, VCD, DVD) (références seulement).

Indian Music / Video Archives Menu is divided into 4 categories: Instrumental, Vocal, Dance and Commercial videos (VHS, VCD, DVD) for references only.



    bhimsenAn outstanding video archive of a Bhimsenji's concert in Lauzanne in january 1990, presented to me by Dr. Noor, in Switzerland. Bhimsenji sings a jhaptal in a rare form of Bhatiyar, a rag belonging to Bhairav family, which he interprets in Khamaj that (i.e. with shuddh dha = major 6th). 13:41 of pure happiness.


    Do enjoy but please, if you want me to keep on feeding the site with treasures, do not post this video on YouTube or the like... I am fed up to see my site contents (audio, videos and photographs which I took) spread all over the web without even mentionning the sources.


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    Since morning, tons of articles and messages have been posted in the Newspapers, on the Web, FaceBook, Twitter and the like  about the demise of Panditji and all give a synopsis of his life-work (most of the texts copying what has been said in the main press agencies).

    All these press releases and words of "experts" make me feel uneasy and sad.

    If Ravi Shankar, like is alter-ego, Vilayat Khan, has always been subject to passionate controversies, Ravi Ji will unquestionably remain the Indian artist who brought Hindustani music to the West. From a musical view-point, he has been one of the very rare instrumentalists who had a real knowledge of Raga-s. Last but not least, he had the best right-hand of all contemporary sitarists and his jod development is a model of the kind and will continue to resonate in our ears.

    Here is an alap and jod in rag Maru Bihag

    You may also want to hear his Charukeshi and Manjh Khamaj, 2 videos posted on the site some time back : an excerpt of the mythic live performance of the 1974 Bengla Desh concert. At last, do listen to his 78rpm discs which - for me - are among the best audio records of Ravi Ji as well as his interpretation of rag Lalit.

    Depuis ce matin, des tonnes d'articles et de messages circulent dans la presse, sur le Web, FaceBook, Twitter pour annoncer le décès de Panditji et résumer son oeuvre (la plupart des textes reprenant, vite fait - mal fait - l'annonce de l'AFP). Tous ces communiqués de presse et ces paroles "d'experts" me chagrinent.

    Si Ravi Shankar, tout comme son alter-ego Vilayat Khan, a été l'objet de controverses, souvent très passionnées, Raviji restera celui qui a apporté la musique hindoustanie à  l'occident.  D'un point de vue musical, il a été un des très rares instrumentistes qui avait une véritable connaissance des raga-s. Enfin, il avait la plus fabuleuse main droite des contemporains du sitar et son développement du jod inégalé continuera à résonner dans nos oreilles. 

    Voici une assez ancienne video de Pandiji où il développe un alap et un jod sur le rag Maru Bihag. 

    Vous pouvez également revisionner 2 anciennes vidéos postées sur le site il y a déjà longtemps, où il interprète les rag-s Charukeshi et Manjh Khamaj dans ce concert mythique de 1974 pour le Bangla Desh. En enregistrements audio, je vous conseille de ré-écouter ses 78t qui sont - pour moi - ses meilleurs enregistrements audio (même si la qualité sonore de ces archives est inversement proportionnelle à la qualité musicale) ainsi que son interprétation du rag Lalit.

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    lalmanimisra_dvdcoverLal Mani Misra

    "Celestial Music of Pandit Lal Mani Misra"

    The only existing movie of late Pandit Lal Mani Misra, on vichitra veena, accompanied on tabla by Chhote Lal Misra. This movie was probably shot in USA in mid seventies. 

    Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Laxmi Ganesh Tewari, professor of Ethnomusicology, who had been a student of Pt Lal Mani Misra. this DVD has been published  by the Music Department of Sonoma State University and is only available through S.S.U. (Music Department - 1810E. Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park, CA 94928). 

    To order it, best is to contact Dr. L. G. Tewari. Do get it, it's a treasure !

    All proceeds from the sale will go towards a music scholarship fund in the name of Dr. Lalmani Misra.


    Sindhura (alap, vilambit & drut teental) 31'28

    Tilang   10'23

    Bhupali 15'31


    Extraits video d'un documentaire (09:27) pour Antenne2 de Georges Luneau datant, je crois, de 1979, où je suis interviewé et où on me voit en train de faire des gammes à Bénarès.

    Video excerpts of a french TV documentary (09:27), produced by Georges Luneau, and shot, I think, in 1979, where I am interviewed and where you can see me playing scales in Varanasi. Sorry, the interview is in french.

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    An unfortunately too short video excerpt of Lacchu Maharaji. What a Bhav !

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    Sitara Devi was the elder sister of Anaklanda Devi, from Banaras. I had met Anaklandaji a number of times in my Kashi days. She used to come to my place for speaking about all and everything. A very lovely person.  Although around 70 years old at that time, and despite a breast cancer, she had such a tremendous energy that I vividly recall how she could shake the whole Durga Mandir with her feet while dancing, every sptember, during the Mandir's Festival.

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    Birju Maharaj is a complete artist. Not only the foremost Kathak dancer that we all know but also an accomplished vocalist - specialized in thumrees (He used to perform in All India Radio, Delhi) and also an excellent tabla player. Here are 3 excerpts of the Master.

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    Vilayat Khansaheb sings a bandish on Hamir and plays it on sitar. He demonstrates, if needed, his gayaki ang.

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