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Caricature of Moutal playing sitarSi vous avez un PC ... vous avez besoin de télécharger le Plug-In QuickTime (gratuit) pour pouvoir visionner les vidéos. Enfin, un clic-droit avec votre track-pad ou souris vous permettra de les télécharger. Sur Mac, appuyez sur la touche control (ctrl) de votre clavier tout en sélectionnant le fichier et le tour sera joué pour télécharger la vidéo. Armez-vous de patience ! certaines vidéos sont un peu lourdes. Le prix du Plaisir.

If you have a PC ... you will need to download the free Plug-In QuickTime in order to see the videos. Last but not least, a right-click on your track-pad or mouse will allow you to dowload and save the file to your computer. On Mac, simply click the control key (ctrl) of your keyboard while selecting the file and you're done ! Be patient ! some videos are a bit heavy. The price of Pleasure.

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SoundSoap 2

Sound Soap 2 of Bias is superb. I wish I knew about its existence years ago when I was exhaustively cleaning up old discs and badly recorded concerts in order to burn CD and prepare mp3 ... At that time, there existed a solution. I think it was called O'Cedar (like the carpet cleaner !) but costed several thousand dollars and therefore was not meant for individuals... It was consisting of a hardware PCI card (with a sound processor dedicated to cleaning) and an attached software. Not for me ! not for us !

SoundSoap 2 came too late for me ! recording job is practically all done and there's lot of clicks, crakles, hum, rumble on my archives. I hate to think that SoundSoap could have taken them off in a jiffy. Go and have a look at it !

You can download a trial version for your Mac or your PC (nobody's perfect) fully operational for 14 days and if you like it, take $99 out of your pocket and it's yours to enjoy. If you live in Europe, it's not too costly with the conversion rate dollar / euro. It works as a standalone or as a VST or AU plug-in. Although it really does the job, please don't expect an alchemical result ... it betters but can't transform an old 78rpm disc into a luxurious DTS !


Kathak - Intro Birju Maharaj100 Years of recorded music in India

Katha Kahe so Kathak ...

Introduced by Birju Maharaj

1 Lacchu Maharaj
2 Gopi Krishna
3 Durga Lal
4 Sitara Devi
5 Birju Maharaj
6 Uma Sharma
7 Excerpts from Ballet "JAshn-e-Wajid Ali Shah"
8 Excerpts from Ballet "Roopmati Bazbahadur" - choreographed by Birju Maharaj
9 Excerpts from Ballet "Pujarin" Choreographed by Rani Karna

Published by Doordarshan Archives - VCD


Pali ChandraKathak - Pali Chandra

Duration : 50 minutes
Year of production : 2003

Symphony Celestial : Kathak

Published by Invis Multimedia


Khayal DarpanKhayal Darpan
A mirror of imagination
An indian filmmaker journeys through classical music in Pakistan

Directed by Yousuf Saeed

Duration : 105 minutes

Year of production : 2006

Published by Ektara


Jasraj & Hari Prasad Chaurasia duetVrindavan

Published by Sagarika

Pandit Jasraj & Hari Prasad Chaurasia duet
Accompanied by Vijay Ghate (tabla), Bhawani Shankar (pakhawaj)

1 Rag Kedar
2 Ahir Bhairav
3 Misra Piloo


Ronu MajumdarLive in Concert

Ronu Majumdar
with Durgaprasad Majumdar (pakhawaj), Shri Satyajeet Talwalkar (tabla)

Published by Sagarika S-DVD-C-002

Rag Mangal Bhairav
Jhaptal - Teental


Hari Prasad Chaurasia / Kishan MaharajMaestros Perform
Published by Sagarika

Hari Prasad Chaurasia
Rag Durga

Kishan Maharaj
Solo tabla (teental)


Rashid KhanThe Gurus of Bandish
Ustad Rashid Khan
Published by Shemaroo

SHE-DVD-434 Ustad Rashid Khan DVD Video, Approx. 165 minutes

1 Bilaskhani Todi
2 Vasant
3 Marwa
4 Puriya Dhanashree
5 Bihag
6 Desh
7 Chhayanath
8 Megh
9 Hansadhwani


Bhimsen JoshiPandit Bhimsen Joshi
The Gurus of Bandish
Published by Shemaroo
SHE-DVD-433 Bhimsen Joshi DVD Video, Approx. 141 minutes

1 Yaman Kalyan
2 Kedar
3 Darbari Kanada
4 Todi
5 Vindravani Sarang
6 Marwa
7 Purvi
8 Bhairavi


C. R. VyasTapasya
Pandit C.R. Vyas
accompanied by Nana Muley (tabla), Purushottam Walawalkar (harmonium)
Recorded live at the Shanmukhananda Hall, Mumbai, 2nd october 2001
Navras records ltd

Rag Shuddh Kalyan
Rag Bihag

Total duration : 93 minutes